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Canine Behaviour Services

Unleash Their Potential

Our canine services are your go-to if you're having problems with your dog. We specialise in cases that need a kind and considerate approach, taking time to understand the dog, build a solid skill set, then gradually expose them using our programme so they can flourish and unlock their true potential. 

Over the years our canine team has worked with thousands of dogs with nervous, fearful or skittish behaviour and developed an approach that gives lasting results that encompasses the dog's own abilities, allowing them to make choices that create a positive outcome.

Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”

- Orhan Pamuk​

Getting the help you need for your dog couldn't be easier. Just follow our step by step process below...

Step 01 -

Contact us

Fill in our new client form, or contact us for an informal chat to see how we can help. It all starts with a conversation

Step 02 -


We believe that with the right approach, any dog can become a well-behaved, happy companion. That’s why we take the time to get to know each and every dog that comes through our doors. We pride ourselves on our individualized approach to training - every dog is unique, and we tailor our courses to suit their specific needs. With years of experience and a time proven track record of results, you're in the best hands. Please note, we our programme isn't initially suitable for highly aggressive or dangerous dogs. If this sounds like your dog, please contact our sister company by clicking HERE, or on the external link at the bottom of the page.

Step 03 -

Training begins

Once we've agreed a plan that best suits both of your needs, we can start on the path to a better life together. You'll be implemented in the training too. The key to success is a transference of skills, so we'll work with you to ensure you're more than equipped and, as is one of our core beliefs, confident. Confident that you can help your dog achieve the best version of themselves. Our support doesn't end when the sessions do, either. We're with you for life!

Following the assessment, we will recommend either121's, a more intensive exposure programme or a combination of both. We'll be able to tailor the quote to meet the requirements of what's needed.

What can we help you with?

We cover a wide array of issues that we can help you with. Take a look below and see which ones might apply to you. See any that aren't there? Give us a message, we'll be able to help with anything horse related.



Assessments are the essential first step so we can understand where the issues  are coming from


Dog behaviour goes back to their ancestral roots. Lets understand and fulfil their core needs


Increasing their coping skills to gain confidence in multiple scenarios

Trust building 

Building trust is something everyone aims for, but hit obstacles, let's change that.


Fear prevents a dog from reaching its full potential. We can change that


An absolute essential in all areas, especially for vet trips and families


Can be detrimental to a dog's quality of life. We can help them overcome it and unleash a new lease on life

Confidence boosting

Dogs often get nervous in new environments, around people and other animals.

Anything Else?

Something not listed? Contact us and we will be dedicated to help you overcome your issue. 

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