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Wedding Chaperone

It's no secret that us equestrians are mad about our dogs and horses. We must be to do everything we do for them! When it comes to your special day, there may be one thing missing that could make it that extra bit special - your animals! That's where we can assist you. Our wedding chaperone service allows you to have your best friends there for the big day. Some places will offer you different packages, which we find can quickly become confusing.




The big day is already going to be a ton of work for you both, so we offer one complete package that can be tweaked to your needs. We'll take care of everything. See our one-stop package and what it entails below.

Carley in wedding dress.jpg

Step 1

We'll handle the full day, starting with collecting your dogs and/or horses. We'll collect them from wherever they are kept and transport them safely to the venue of your special day, ready to begin the next step towards the special moment.

Step 2

You'll look your best, so your aniamls need to as well. We'll give them a full groom so they look show-condition, ready to (almost!) steal the spotlight! We advise bathing them the night before if you can. If not, we'll do it in the morning. Just let us know!

Step 4

When all that's done and you're perfectly happy with the outcome, we'll transport them back to their homes and take care of any requirements like feed etc, if needed, leaving you to enjoy your big day!

Step 3

Next up is the media. We'll have the dogs/horses ready for photos and videos, for you to capture the day with your best friends. There's no time limit, so take as many and as long as you want!

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