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Equine Transport


Having transport for your horse is an essential part of ownership, but not everyone has the option to do so. Our Equine transport allows you to hire us to help with any transport needs under 8 hours. There are a multitude of reasons you may need it, but whatever the reason, be assured we can help. 

What can we hire you for?

You can hire us for a multitude of reasons. We can cover moving yards, veterinary trips, holiday livery, collecting new horses, wedding chaperone (See here!), even to use on sessions practicing loading. If you need a horse tranported and don't see any of the ways we can help above, please get in touch to see what we can do.

What trailers do you use?

Our trailers are HB511's. Being longer and wider than the HB506, the HB511 is suitable for carrying two horses up to 17.2hh. The HB511 is fitted with a pair of side windows and a larger front inspection window, allowing more light into the trailer. Rear load/front unload double horse trailer with left hand side front unloading ramp. 

Are you insured?

Yes. Our drivers are fully insured and qualified to transport horses up to 8 hours in total. 

Will my horse be comfortable?

The main benefit of us transporting your horse, is that we have an extensive background in horse behaviour and training. One of the issues we specialise in is loading! Carley also did her research project on travelling horses and the stress levels incurred, and found that horses travel better in certain conditions. The study analysed the stress levels indicated by horses during different adaptations to transport, leading us to adapt our transport to ensure the maximum comfort levels for your horse. You can read more about that HERE

What do you charge?

There's no set price for transport, as you'd find with all transporters. Our prices start at £70, so to get an accurate quote we'd need a few details from you. Please get in touch with us so we can help you

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