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Meet the team

We want you to know who you're working with, where we've come from and what we're about. Come and say hi to Equi-nine UK!


 I am passionate about helping both horses and humans to problem solve, achieve goals, and have improved relationships using non-violent techniques. With an empathetic ear I am here to listen, understand and assist you with the problems, whilst focussing on remaining safe. During my career I have worked throughout Wales, Denmark and Spain using non-violent techniques. I have experienced behavioural problems, from non-loading, mounting issues, foot handling problems, spookiness, napping, ground and ridden problems. I also understand how this can affect the human emotions and I enjoy working to connect humans with horses. As humans, we need to understand why the horse is behaving this way as it changes the thought process in how the human perceives and reacts to that behaviour, I really work on changing mindsets. It is important to me that my clients are learning, rather than me turning up and working with the horse. This helps people start to become their own problem solvers. Last but certainly not least – I want my clients to feel supported through every step of their journey. My interest in horse psychology started at a young age over 20 years ago when I found myself watching educational videos online featuring various trainers. Since becoming an Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Trainer, I have worked with numerous different behavioural issues as stated above. 

As I have ventured into the world of dog training, Gareth and I have had many conversations of the correlation between the both. Together, we are committed to helping you overcome the issues you face and exceed your goals, creating a bond like no other. 

Equinine UK

Creating harmony through kindness and understanding

Dog in Farm



Studying dogs for over 25 years and working in a professional capacity for over 13 years, Gareth is our specialist when it comes to all problems dog-related. Already having a successful and highly reputable dog training company, he's created several unique services that have started to change the way dogs are viewed and worked with. His speciality is a gradual exposure approach to dogs suffering from nervous and skittish tendencies. Ones that need a calm, gentle and understanding approach to building confidence and helping overcome issues, which led to his pioneering exposure therapy service for dogs that has had massive success. He also has two horses. Eli, a welsh cob and Ginger, an Andalusian. 

As I have ventured into the world of horse training, Carley and I have had countless conversations of the crossover between horses and dogs. The comparisons, the similarities, the differences. Together, we are committed to helping you overcome the issues you face and exceed your goals, confidently.

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